Friday, December 09, 2005

Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture:
"Art, Truth & Politics"

Category: Shoutrage/Action/Design
Subject: US & UK War Crimes/Democracy/Corporate Media (Propaganda)

"What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed."
~Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate, Literature

Please gather family, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens to watch, together, this extraordinary Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

What Mr. Pinter says in this 46-minute videotaped lecture should be shouted from rooftops worldwide (particularly within the US and UK, where the message is most urgent), considered in the privacy of our own minds, researched to our heart's content, and discussed everywhere we gather: in our homes, at our workplaces, in the marketplace, in public and private gardens, in places of worship and spirituality, in cafés, bars, pubs and restaurants, on the streets, in town meetings and city halls, in university classrooms and lecture halls, in schoolrooms, on the editorial and op-ed pages of our local and national newspapers, in the blogosphere and other internet meeting places, and on community radio and television programs, until such time as the complicit corporate media is forced to speak truth to the citizenry rather than boldfaced lies on behalf of an anti-democratic corporate-political elite.

Let us carry within us, and communicate to the world, words of truth such that no dark, dank place is left for our war-criminal, corporate politicians and their propagandists to hide. Let us, then, begin to usher in true democracy, in which—for the first time in history—the citizenry, we, are self-respecting and respected, critically educated, and empowered to mature as whole human beings, unshackled, finally, from the corrupting effects of political paternalism.

Due to his presently undergoing cancer treatment, Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture was pre-recorded, and shown on video December 7, 2005, in Börssalen at the Swedish Academy in Stockholm.

His videotaped lecture is available for both high- and low- bandwidth internet connections. The lecture is also available in text format in the following languages: English, Swedish, French and German.

Click here to access the lecture in these various formats via the official Nobel Prize website.

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