Friday, October 14, 2005

In Utero

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"The thinking of the last millennium has been concerned with 'what is' - the thinking of analysis, criticism and argument. We need to concentrate on thinking concerned with 'what-can-be'. This is thinking that is creative and constructive and seeks to solve problems and conflicts by designing a way forward."

- Edward De Bono
- New Thinking for a New Millenium

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post:form_after the recognised shape_one
post:form_to place a new shape_two
post:form_the shape of the final goal_three
post:form_the place where the shaping takes place_four
post:form_beyond convention_five
post:form_outside the box_six
post:form_beyond the original dimensions_seven
post:form_new thinking_eight
post:form_new millennium_nine
post:form_start designing_ten
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Postforms: On Posts, posters and readers

ACTION: to campaign, to solicit support or to support.
INTEREST: to draw attention to information.
DESIGN: to provide new ideas, to create.
OPINION: to express perspective, to evaluate, to give value to.
SHOUTRAGE: to expose faults in current system.

In order to stick to the idea of postform, all posts on postform will be labelled. Each corresponding label identifies the intention behind the creation of the particular post.

An ACTION post is one that is intended to solicit positive reaction from the reader. An example would be the starting of a campaign or the encouraging of a particular activity.

An INTEREST post is one that draws the attention of the reader to a news item or bit of information that might be useful for a current discussion or might trigger off a series of new posts.

A DESIGN post is where the person posting submits a new IDEA for evaluation. It is intended as a hypothesis which will be tested by the interaction of the contributors and comments of the readers.

An OPINION is a post that would not be suggesting anything new but will be evaluating or analysing an ACTION, an INTEREST or a DESIGN.

A SHOUTRAGE is a post that goes beyond an INTEREST. It is intended to expose the problems in (or as a result of) the current way of thinking in order that they may be worked upon and suggestions be proposed.

The intention is to form a pool of bloggers who can post on their own blog with a link to the same post in postform. The idea is that postform will not detract from current bloggers activity but will be a point of convergence for certain discussions. These bloggers will be the main contributors of postform and their blogs will be the contributing blogs. The title of each post when copied in postform will be followed by a three letter identifier to show what type of post it is. (ACT, INT, DES, OPN, SHT).

Readers without a blog of their own are encouraged to use the COMMENT facility.

The rest will form as the posts are added and bloggers keep coming.

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